With the directions the military of today is taking I declare, as a USA military veteran, that enlisting in the military is merely assisting the enemies of the USA. This is an extremely complicated topic that would require a lengthy book to explain. The curious folks of the USA are likely already well-aware of the dangers facing the Founder’s creation. The intellectually lazy, the largest societal segment, is likely already indoctrinated by the elite-owned propaganda and will accept any regime lording over them as long as food is on the table and the TV provides entertainment.

For the few willing to make the sacrifice to keep a semblance of personal freedom I do not have the answers. We, the Freedom-loving cohort must make the PROPER preparations to alter the ongoing events and affairs leading to tyranny. I am hoping that a cohort of New Founders rises to guide us. Without adequate leadership I fear our efforts are doomed.

The wealth and power of the New World Order (NWO) rivals that of many countries across the planet. The army of lackeys serving the NWO range from the USA federal congress down to local town city halls. Judges and prosecuting attorneys serve their tyrannical masters and are kind to Antifa and other brigands while spitting upon patriots confronting tyrants. Did you notice that the law enforcement system that shot an unarmed USA patriot female inside the capitol building was a Black from Brazil? Who is most apt to murder a USA citizen . . . a fellow citizen or an imported foreigner? Expect more of this, patriots. And, in the future, do not be shocked if the traitor politicians and bureaucrats invite United Nations military forces to enter the USA to assist with the small percentage of USA citizens resisting NWO tyranny.

Damn . . . very complicated topics. This complexity assists the tyrants with their efforts at seizing control of an entire society, country and the many cultures within.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

Evil HAS risen, patriots.

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