Brainwashing Students in California Classroom

The thoughts that enter my mind when I listen to that goofy dame spewing her giggly immature idiocy I can not post in public.

Observations and Opinions that Assault the Senses

kids youth brainwashed drag queens left leftists PC deviants LGBTQ


“A Southern California public school teacher was caught admitting to encouraging her students to pledge allegiance to the LGBT pride flag as an alternative to the American flag, bragging of the indoctrination on her own TikTok account.”

““We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge allegiance to,” said Pitzen when a student asked about the American flag that she had removed from the classroom “because of COVID.”

In another TikTok, Pitzen reveals the abundant LGBT propaganda she displays in her classroom, the space reminiscent of a gay bar.”

Here’s the Web site reporting about the daffy dame:


SHAME: California Public School Teacher Encourages Students to Pledge Allegiance to LGBT Pride Flag Instead of American Flag


Omitting that “pledge of allegiance” is fine with me. There are other, better ways to instruct kids about some benefits to the USA way of doing things. BUT…

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