Battle for Western Civilization Increasing in Intensity



In the battle for hearts and minds the New World Order (NWO) is winning. For the huge mass of common folks an elite-class victory will result in servitude, serfdom and even abject slavery for some as a New Dark Age descends upon Western civilization and the 2nd- and 3rd-world countries within the Western sphere of influence.

The Moslem countries will fall in line as they are allowed to exist independently but in the knowledge that the superior Western forces can and will be unleashed by the elites to utterly devastate any Islamic country not toeing the line.

Will the eventual outcome be total war between East and West as envisioned in the Orwell novel “1984”?

The NWO has not won . . . yet. However, the future looks bleak for the common folks. Spread the word and drum up support for freedom’s forces who will rely upon Western country’s militaries to take extreme action and capture and confine those evil tyrannical elites and their huge army of well-paid minions, lackeys and cohorts. The many idiotic near-brain-dead commoners embracing the NWO due to the endless indoctrination by the immense propaganda power of that elite class will be treated with gentleness unless they act with extreme stupidity then they can join their overlord masters in the labor camps.

Prepare, patriots. World-altering events are occurring RIGHT NOW!!!!



Warn them move on warn others prepare


anger not alone assault valueselites elitist

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