Patriots, Prepare for Civil War Two

The Twentieth Maine heroes of Gettysburg


Video at the link below.

“I hate to say this, but vicious savagery against whites is inexcusable but understandable in a twisted way. From childhood on, blacks learn that whites are bad people. Why not rob them, beat them, kill them?

But what about those seven youngsters who beat a helpless black man to death? What kind of depravity is this? Those children are almost an indictment of the whole species.

When something like that makes the news — which mostly it doesn’t — there’s a little hand-wringing and then silence. What do we do about it? Nothing. But let a white person say a few ill-chosen words, and it’s proof of a vast, malignant web of white supremacy and systemic racism that we must all work to dismantle, night and day. It’s proof that every institution in America must ask itself at every moment, “Will this action, however large or small, help people of color, especially blacks?”

This is not just disproportionate. It’s sick. It’s like running the vacuum while the house burns down. A country can survive this kind of insanity for a while, but not forever.”


Black Brutality

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