Tyrannical Forces Overwhelming the USA

never hit a man with glasses hit him with a fucking axe


The New World Order (NWO) is forcing conflict upon the percentage of the populace willing to engage in battle with the forces of evil. Patriot percentages dwindle yearly as the ongoing onslaught of NWO propaganda and indoctrination fills the airwaves, entertainment industries, schooling at all levels and even within the advertising bombarding us.
The brainwashing power of the elites ownership of propaganda systems must never be dismissed. It requires patriot parents to raise their kids to defy evil and for patriots to reach out and try to counter the evil endlessly, relentlessly filling all aspects of our lives with propaganda designed to ease the NWO takeover.
If open warfare is required to beat those monolithic evil forces here is some basic advice for patriot warriors. However, peaceful methods are always best so try every peaceful method at hand to defy then defeat the NWO and its huge army of minions, lackeys, cohorts and brainwashed buffoons filling society.

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