Vile Traitors Filling the USA

Moslem tries to execute cop for Islamic state make excuses
White traitor scum obeying his New World Order masters to assist the incursion of the evil New World Order by making excuses for Moslem barbarian filth. The Moslem scum are allowed to enter Western countries as but one of many tactics to divide and conquer Western civilization. The tiny minority of ultra-wealthy elites have hired a horde of lackeys, minions and cohorts and the elite ownership of the many propaganda/indoctrination systems including education systems is creating an ever-growing mass of brainwashed buffoons embracing the weapons those elites are using to vanquish us!!!
War is being forced upon the people of the West . . . the increasingly smaller number of free-thinkers resisting the tyrannical evil that is growing wealthier and more powerful daily and whose army of adherents increasingly controls all levels of governance in all Western countries.
Patriots, the New World Order (NWO) elites have become so powerful that I fear that only military uprisings using the entire arsenal available to them can defeat the unholy horde arrayed against us. Failure to defeat the evil will assuredly result in a New Dark Age of serfdom and slavery befalling the masses of common folks.
A reminder to the multitude of the steadily decreasing quality of USA residents; all I write is my opinion. If you believe I am mistaken, in error, guilty of wrong-thinking, you are cordially invited to leave a comment to rebut any or all I declare here. Leave out the foul language and your comment will appear for all to read. Maybe you can change some minds to your way of thinking.


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