When will the ongoing Cold War inside the USA turn hot and patriots do what must be done?


“‘Kindergarteners taught ‘whites make it harder for black people’ Photos taken by concerned parents reveal CRT and radical gender ideology in lesson plans for five-year-olds.”

“One parent spoke to Libs of TikTok after they were sent a photo of the lesson plan that allegedly taught 5-year-olds about the horrors of white people. “Whites make it harder for black people,” read one line. “Whites boss POC [people of color] around,” another read. Children were also taught, “New York has more freedom to vote than Texas.” Keep in mind these children live in Texas.”

“Parents voiced concern to the school about the lessons but were reportedly dismissed. One parent told Libs of TikTok, “When parents confront them like I did, they will first say it was an oversight, and if you keep asking too many questions, they will tell you that you’re an extremist.””

Follow the link to read the rest about a common horror in a USA under severe assault by the minions, cohorts and lackeys of the evil, vile New World Order.
Patriots, prepare to engage the evil forces seeking to destroy all of Western civilization!!!

Would the Founders and their troops put up with this crap?

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