Send USA traitors to life in prison!!!


“The man charged with fatally stabbing two people and wounding six others during a crazed rampage on the Las Vegas strip was in the United States illegally and has a criminal record, according to a report.

The 32-year-old alleged attacker, Yoni Barrios, is a Guatemalan national with a criminal record in California, a source with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Fox News.”


Biden, Pelosi and every politician and bureaucrat either ignoring or assisting the ongoing invasion of the once-sovereign USA must be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting this murderous incident along with every rape and murder and other felonies that far too many illegal aliens commit.

The massive number of charges will ensure that the citizen-traitors after they are convicted will never leave their cell. How many innocent USA citizens will be maimed, suffer or die before US patriots rise up and remove the illegals and traitor citizen filth assisting those many millions of invading invaders?


Las Vegas stabbing spree suspect in US illegally, has criminal record

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