Evil Entities Indoctrinating USA Youth


Milton Kapner, better known as Brother Nathanael Kapner or Brother Nathanael

“Kapner was born to “progressive” Jewish parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was educated in the local Jewish school that he deemed “satanic”. In time, he cycled through various Christian groups, including Jews for Jesus, before quitting his job as a pharmaceutical salesman to become a monk with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR).”

Brother Nathanel is outspoken and share his opinions. One of his several outlets upon the Web is his channel at BitChute:




The video below tells of the USA-based Anti-defamation League efforts at disrupting USA society. Why do these anti-USA and anti-Western civilization groups do these horrid deeds? Is it to assist the New World Order taking full control of the USA?

Watch the video for some provocative questions and statements by the learned USA patriot Brother Nathanael.

Patriot Brother Nathanael warning us about that evil Anti-defamation League assisting the evil elite-class promoted New World Order (NWO) using one of their many devious tactics to disrupt USA society to assist with the deadly New World Order slithering in to eventually take full control of the USA.

All Western countries are under attack by elite-class-backed forces of immense wealth and power with the destruction of Western civilization itself the ultimate goal. When that occurs the NWO will be our overlords and the masses will be their serfs, peons and some of us could be chained slaves if we anger the master or their lackeys with total control over us and answerable to nothing but their evil desires.

A New Dark Age awaits unless We, the People take extreme measures to stop what I fear is the inevitable outcome of what IS an actual WAR!!!!



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