Life Reality the Media and Many Others Ignore


“The shocking moment marked the first time, to my knowledge, that my eldest sister claimed she was part of a tribe — a bogus identity she deliberately concocted while wearing a borrowed buckskin dress for maximum impact.

My sister Marie, who had already spent a year in a mental hospital after trying to kill herself when she was 19, then assumed that fake image for nearly 50 years. Her elaborate ruse denigrates the memory of our late parents, Manuel Ybarra Cruz and Geroldine Marie Cruz, who were native Californians with no ancestral tribal ties.”


Sacheen Littlefeather ‘lied’ about being Apache to work in Hollywood


Whenever we see, hear or read about a celebrity female, ANY female since the female mind is what it is, claiming that a male has victimized her in any way, always remember that females are notorious liars and twisters of truth so that any accusation a female makes must require proof positive to be verified.

A Web search using “female false accusation” or similar search term reveals several studies performed by legitimate groups, agencies, etc. showing the large extent of accusations that turned out to be lies. The Denver, Colorado prosecutors’ office working with law enforcement agencies found around 60% of accusations to law and legal systems turned out to be lies or gross exaggerations. An Air Force study reached similar results.

Other studies delve into why females lie so much. Some of those are interesting reading. The wise person always looks askance at any accusation that any female tosses out.


  1. Repeal the 19th-Amendmeent . . . save the USA from the majority if dames whose emotions overwhelm what little, an any, logical and rational thinking abilities they possess.


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