How male supremacy fueled Scott Paul Beierle’s incel attack on Florida yoga studio – Washington Post

“An attack on a Florida yoga studio offers a chilling window into the world of male supremacy and its ties to other hate groups.”

Pure PROPAGANDA crap!!! Beware ANY article using information, data, anything from the evil, vile SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center and/or the ADL Anti-Defamation league. This article is the best example I have found of propaganda-spewing with the intent to brainwash/indoctrinate the common folks of the USA to believe in ways to assist leftist, liberal, New World Order, anti-USA tyrannical elites.

Patriots, the Founder’s writings warned us of tyranny and what must be done to end that menace to the Founder’s creation. Prepare, patriots!!!

How male supremacy fueled Scott Paul Beierle’s incel attack on Florida yoga studio – Washington Post

Rep. Ilhan Omar Laughs at Americans for Fearing al-Qaeda – YouTube


The Founders wrote about tyranny and what must be done when it rears its ugly head. Patriots, has tyranny risen? Is the USA broken beyond repair? The once-sovereign USA invaded by many millions of foreign-nationals over the years. Traitors among us forcing foreign barbarians upon us from far-away countries with taxpayers supporting the barbarians who have proven that too many of them despise the USA and Western civilization. Do a Web search about the Somali Moslem filth infesting the USA.

Very complicated topics, folks. All of Western civilization is under siege by traitors within and foreign barbarians. Europe is being overrun. The USA is increasingly controlled by monolithic corporate entities whose propaganda/indoctrination power via the media and entertainment industries is immense and the unholy alliance between big business and big government has resulted in the horrors we see daily throughout the USA and around the world.

Times have changed since the Founders day. I fear that entrenched tyranny can only be removed by a successful military coup led by a cohort of patriotic military officers. Patriots across the land will rally to the cause. Those patriots will assemble the best and brightest among us to make the required repairs to the various command and control systems then oust the illegal alien invaders, secure the borders, and send those barbarians forced upon We, the People back to their cesspool homelands. Many details to work out but with the power and wealth of the federal government affairs WILL get straightened out then the military steps aside and a return to civilian control occurs. And it will. That small cohort of patriot officers are vastly outnumbered by commoners in the military, law enforcement agencies and mega-millions of armed citizen patriots.

Or do we stay on the path we are currently on and accept the horrors to come?