Man tased by police dies – Riots, Looting, Arson, Mayhem Expected

Whites will be rioting and shutting down streets and highways in protest of yet another White killed by police. White Lives Matter!!! State police called to assist with the expected arson and looting.Protests in other major cities expected. White leaders gather to express their outrage at yet another White killed by police.

“A man tased by New Albany police dies. Now, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the case. Officers held a taser to 43 year-old Nathan Shane Mays after answering a call about an uncontrollable man on Highway 348.”

Man tased by police dies – WCBI TV | Your News Leader

Police: Utah officer killed, fleeing suspect also dead – AOL News



“A 31-year-old police officer in a Salt Lake City suburb was killed when he was intentionally struck by a car carrying fleeing burglary suspects, police say.”

Lots of message board activity regarding this news story. Observing the barrage of comments shortly after AOL posted the story I noticed that as the number of comments grew that a concurrent reduction in the number was happening. I also noted that several of my comments were deleted along with others’ comments. Political correctness at work. It is AOL’s right to censor what is on their site. And the tyrannical elites’ power assisted by their owning and controlling monolithic corporations makes those few folks far more powerful in many ways than millions of us mere commoners.

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Facebook Bans Content Linked To Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes


“The neo-fascist group’s members were involved in an assault on protesters in New York this month.”

Antifa anarchists with faces covered initiate the attack against the Proud Boys who had been attending a public event. Trying to deny the Proud Boys free-speech and assembly rights the masked thugs attack. The Proud Boys defended themselves but there is no defense against the tyrannical media owned and operated by traitors to the USA and We, the People.

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Patriots… I Fear for the Future

Patriots in Western militaries must do some insightful thinking and ponder the need to rise up and protect their citizens and country from traitors and invading barbarians. A military coup takes control and roots out the traitors and ensures patriotic to country and Western values take control.

Dig into the source of the traitor’s funding and wrench those fiends’ wealth away and send to labor camps to atone for their vile deeds against the Western world.

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